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My friend. (description of appearance and character features)

Iren is tall, pretty girl. She has dark hair of middle length. Her frank big brown eyes are always full of energy. She has beautiful figure and always wears clothes that underline her figure. Her gestures and actions are delicate and easy.

Iren is open-hearted and there is so many simplicity and freedom in her that she easily attracts people. I like her because she is friendly, kind, responsive and cordial. Iren is always ready to help her friend, that’s why friends love her. She is loyal and responsible for everything she does. I can trust her. She is one of those persons who can easily set me into good mood. Iren likes to tell funny stories and jokes with me.

She is very merry. I think it is family feature. Her parents also like to amuse. They are thoughtful and kind. I like to spend time with them. I know them from my childhood and can’t imagine my life without them. Iren’s sister is also my friend.

Her background reflected on her habits. Iren has one funny habit. I don’t know why she does this.

She often begins to tell about something but in the most interesting moment she stops and says:”Oh! It’s not interesting for you.”

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