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Топик My Family

                                                           My family

My name is Ann.  I am eleven. I have a big family. I have a mother and a father. I have two brothers. I haven't sister.  My mother's name is Mary.  She is tall and thin. She is a house-wife.  She goes shopping, cooks diner, wash dishes.  I like to help my mother. My mommy is fond of making toys.

My father's name is Alexsander. He is an engineer.  He is fond of watching documentaries. His hobby is reading newspapers and listening to the news.

I have two big brothers Bill and Maxim.  Bill is eighteen. He is a student. Maxim is sixteen. He is a schoolboy.

I have a grandmother and a grandfather. My grandparents live far away.

I have a cat. Its name is Sonya. It is very funny.

I love my family. I like when we are together.

                                            Free time

When I have free time I like to watch cartoons and feature films. I like to read fiction and magazines. I am fond of knighting, painting and handicrafts. My hobby is making toys.

My dislikes are singing and dancing.

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