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A sad story 

Three men came to New York for a holiday. They came to a very large hotel and took a room there. Their room was on the forty-fifth floor. In the evening the three men went to the theatre and came back to the hotel very late.

“I am very sorry”, said the clerk at the hotel, “but our lifts do not work to=night. If you don’t want to walk up to your room, we’ll make beds for you in the hall.”

“No,no”, said one of the three men, “no, thank you. We don’t want to sleep in the hall. We shall walk up to our room. ”


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A greedy dog 

A dog steals a piece of meat from the cook? And on his way to a safe place where he will eat it? He crosses a bridge over a river. He looks down and sees his own reflection in the water. “Oh”, he thinks, “there is another dog down there with a piece of meat in its mouth which is larger than mine. I shall take it away and then I shall have two pieces of meat”.


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My first day in London 

I shall never forget, as long as I live, the day when I first set foot in London. I came from a quite little town in Switzerland and I had never before lived in a big city, so London was a new world to me and I was dying to find out more about it for myself.

The general opinion abroad is that London has fog or rain, or both every day of the year, but on the day that I arrived it was fine and warm, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was cloudless. The next day was jast as beautiful, a slight wind was blowing and you could smell the spring in the air/ I went for a walk in Kensington Garden.


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